• A discursive platform between Cuban-American artists in Miami and their counterparts in Havana

Project Concept

The main thrust of this exchange initiative is to provide a discursive and expository platform that facilitates intellectually engaging dialogue between Cuban and Cuban-American artists and other cultural actors, specifically from Miami and Havana, in an effort to expand an understanding of Cuban art beyond geographic demarcations. To that end, this multi-year project is structured as follows:

1) A trip to Havana by the Cuban-American group who will be exposed to a range of cultural actors there that include private studio visits with Cuban artists, curator-led museum tours, meetings with directors from a host of cultural institutions, as well as, alternative spaces.  An informal program at the Fundación Ludwig will be followed by a series of talks, panel discussions and artists presentations at a two-day symposium in Casa de las Américas, May – June, 2015.

2) In April 2016, a similar program will take place in Miami with the group of artists and curators living in Cuba. They will visit artists studios, museums and cultural venues, collectors and a range of other cultural actors in the city.  The program will culminate in a two-day symposium at PAMM (Pérez Art Museum Miami).  Additional partners for the Miami portion of the program include the departments of Modern Languages and Literatures and the Miami Observatory at the University of Miami, as well as, Florida International University’s Cuban Research Institute.

3) A third component includes an exhibition project co-curated by Elizabeth Cerejido and Ibis Hernández Abascal. The overarching impetus is to bring together the artistic production of contemporary artists from Miami and Havana, representing various generations and organized around various themes that will function as points of dialogue or counterpoint.

Guiding Ideas

Some of the questions that will guide our discussions will include: identifying areas of cultural continuities and differences; issues of identity and their manifestation in the visual arts; Cuban art in a global market and in collecting practices; and exploring how opportunities for mutual understanding shape and inform cultural production. Beyond the personal impact this encounter will undoubtedly have, the overarching aim is to generate opportunities for the production of new knowledge about Cuban art that problematize narratives about nation and diaspora. The emphasis on Miami is twofold:

1) To position Miami as the contrapuntal site (or counterpoint to Havana) in which issues of Cuban cultural production and identity have been generated and continuously redefined.

2) To highlight the importance of Miami as a focus for significant cultural production and contemporary artistic practices that have been seldom recognized or exposed in Cuba. The criteria for selecting this first group of artists included Cuban-Americans who have never been to Cuba (or returned if they were born there), traveled there on their own terms or been involved in the cultural sector there.

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