• Dialogues in Cuban Art is conceived and curated by Elizabeth Cerejido

Elizabeth Cerejido

Project Curator

Dialogues in Cuban Art is conceived and curated by Elizabeth Cerejido, a Cuban-born, Miami-based independent curator of modern and contemporary Latin American art with a focus in Cuban art and its diaspora.  She has been a leading figure in the Miami community in creating projects that bridge cultural production and facilitate intellectually engaging opportunities between artists from both sides of the Florida Straits.

Cerejido is former Assistant Curator of Latin American and Latino Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and was Curator at The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University. Selected exhibition projects include: Equipajes personales: Personal Luggage – Candelario and LASA’s (Laboratorio Artístico San Agustín) Social Practice in Havana; Vision Revealed: Selections from the work of Abelardo Morell; A Room of One’s Own: Teresita Fernández, María Elena González, Quisqueya Henríquez, and María Martínez-Cañas and The Parallax Effect: Cuban and Cuban-American Photography, among others. In 2004, she developed a performance art series for the Cuban Research Institute’s Culture on the Edge that included projects by Tania Bruguera, El Soca & Fabián Peña and Juan-Sí González, funded by the Ford Foundation.

She has contributed to numerous publications and exhibition catalogues including “Constructing a Narrative, Building a Community” in Cosmopolitan Routes: Houston Collects Latin American Art, Yale University Press (2010); “Cuban American Art” and “Beyond a Cuban-American Identity: The Influence of Ana Mendieta and Félix González-Torres in Contemporary Art’ in Encyclopedia of Latino Culture: From Calaveras to Quinceañeras, Greenwood Press (2012); “Collecting Moments: Unraveling Stories from the Jorge M. Pérez Collection of Latin American Art,” Pérez Art Museum Miami (2013); “Re-Thinking Diaspora: Cuban or Cuban American Art?” in Un Pueblo Disperso: Dimensiones sociales y culturales de la diáspora cubana, edited by Jorge Duany, Aduana Vieja Press (2013); and “Locating Art in Miami and Havana: Strategies for Entering and Exiting Diaspora” in Cuba in Diaspora: Post-Soviet Exiles and Migrations, eds. Ariana Hernández Reguant and Nadine Fernández (University of Florida Press, forthcoming).

She holds a Masters degree in Latin American Studies and is currently residing between Miami and Gainesville where she is pursuing a PhD in Art History at the University of Florida.